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International Transport and Logistics Conference «PRO//Motion.Digital»

17 December 2020, 14.00 (Msk), Online

International Transport and Logistics Conference «PRO//Motion.Digital»

International transport and logistics conference «PRO//Motion. Digital» is dedicated to digital transformation technologies for the transport industry. Practical cases of using digital services to improve the efficiency of business processes through the analysis of big data, artificial intelligence and digital ecosystems that create conditions for the global competitiveness of industry companies will be considered. The online conference will bring together directors and experts in digital technologies of transport and logistics companies, national railways, ports, international industry associations, telecom operators.

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Key speakers of the conference

Key topics of the business program

  • Trends and Barriers to Digitalization

  • Digital Ecosystem

    Synchronization of multimodal cargo transportation processes

  • Standardization of Technologies

    Digital Association Cases

  • IT Solutions

    Quantum communications, blockchain, AI, internet of things, digital twins

  • Innovative services for freight carriers

Business program of «PRO//Motion.Digital»

  • 14.00 – 16.00 (GMT +3, Msk) Learn more Omnia videns, omnia sciens. Digital technologies as a way of salvation



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International Transport and Logistics Conference «PRO//Motion.Digital»

17 December 2020 Online, Online