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International Container Transportation Online Forum«PRO//Motion.Eurasia»

07 october 2021, 13:00 - 15:00 (GMT+3, МСК), Online

International Container Transportation Online Forum «PRO//Motion.Eurasia»

In 2020, rail freight transit via Russia has shown its reliability and efficiency. The volume of container traffic in UTLC ERA services in 2020 amounted to a record 546.9 thousand TEU.

To ensure a high level of service and speed of delivery of goods in the China-Europe-China traffic, the partners of the alliance are intensively improving transportation technologies, expanding nomenclature of goods, looking for new points of origin and end-use destinations. New customers from Europe and China have been attracted since 2020, and more customers are expected by the end of the year. The company's plan for 2021 is 670 thousand TEU.

Against the backdrop of economic recovery in Europe and China, trade between countries is growing, the logistics market is changing. In order to respond to market changes in time, it is necessary to work proactively and in a coordinated manner. What are the priority measures for cross-border infrastructure development? Is there a need for further diversification of cargo flows? How will multimodal services develop? These and other questions will be duscussed by the speakers of the international container transportation online forum “PRO // Motion. Eurasia”.

In 2020 online forum gathered more than 450 participants, 13 countries, 600+ unique views

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Key speakers of the forum

Key topics of the business program

  • Eurasian container transit

    New Challenges and Opportunities

  • Freight Route China – Europe

    Competitiveness of Rail Freight Services

  • New products and growth points

    Multimodal services, post, e-commerce, sanctions freight, new cargo segments

  • Digitalization of transit

    EAEU Digital Transport Corridors, IT Solutions for Container Logistics

  • Cross-Border Infrastructure

    Up for freight traffic growth

Business program of «PRO//Motion.Eurasia»

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International Container Transportation Online Forum «PRO//Motion.Eurasia»

7 October 2021 Online, Online